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Why Self-Care Is Important For Mothers

A question you should ask yourself at the end of every day, and make sure you have a good reply. Being a mom, whether working or not, you do a lot of things throughout the day. But, have you ever thought about how many of those gave you the satisfaction that you did something for yourself? There can be days that end up with you being exhausted doing all kinds of work, yet don’t have an answer to this question. Right?

How many times you used to wait for your husband to come home after work so that you could hand the baby to him, and sit doing absolutely nothing for a few minutes. Or, days when you made excuses to go to the restroom only to take a break from the mommy-ing for a bit. However, this all doesn’t mean anything if you don’t decide to take some time of the day to do something for yourself.

Why is self-care important?

In simple words, taking a break, even if it is just for a few minutes a day, is essential to keep you sane. You don’t need to have any mom guilt for taking that rest because only a happy mom can raise a happy child.

Self-care helps to keep a balance between your mind and body. It reduces anxiety and stress. You will start to think straight and look forward to every other day because you know there is something in it for you.

In turn, the positivity it brings will elevate your happiness and confidence. The happier you are, the more calm and empathetic you are to your child.

How to include self-care in your busy schedule?

You don’t need an entire day to do something that makes you happy. Hardly 10 mins a day, or more (it’s totally up to you) for yourself can do wonders for your mental health.

Here are eight self-care ideas to change your life for the better:

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8 Best Mom’s Self-Care Ideas

Selfcare and wellness for mothers
Selfcare and wellness for mothers

Get moving

Exercising can do wonders for your physical as well as mental health. We know what you are thinking. If only I had the time and energy for it!

We are not asking you to hit the gym and undergo a strenuous exercise routine. You can begin with simple steps, like walking every day for about 30 minutes while listening to your favorite playlist! You can do it at home, or even at a nearby park if the situation and climate allow it.

You can set a goal on one of your favorite fitness apps available on your phone, and try to attain it every day. Yoga is another option that you can try at home. Also, Zumba is yet another alternative if you are into dancing.

Pamper yourself

Whoever invented sheet masks is a genius. They are absolutely mess-free and so convenient to use. Just put one on your face, snuggle up on your couch and take a short nap or scroll through your Instagram feed.

Of course, don’t forget to take a selfie if it’s one of those animal faces or bubble masks. Go to a parlor and get your eyebrows done. A quick facial, maybe. Get your nails done. A massage! You can have a nice warm bath with candles around, and some essential oils or vivid bath bombs if that’s your thing. Whatever makes you happy. That’s the whole idea.

Relax or meditate

Spending a few minutes doing absolutely nothing, or meditating to clear your mind and welcome positive thoughts. If meditation is not your thing, make a playlist with your favorite melodies and listen to it when you have time. Breathe!

Brush up your hobbies

It’s time to brush up on one of those hobbies you left behind long back when life became so busy. It can be anything; dancing, painting, writing, singing, cooking, reading, gardening!

Spend at least 10 mins a day or every other day as per your convenience on that. Now that there is an app for everything, you can be using one to doodle something every day for a few minutes. If dancing is your favorite, do that which gets you covered on the exercise part too. Whatever it is, enjoy every bit of it and have fun.

Write down your emotions

Bottling up emotions is unhealthy and causes anxiety issues. If you don’t want to talk it out, write it down. It can be in a personal diary, a journal, an online blog, or anything that’s comfortable for you. Writing helps you to clear your mind and gain a sense of fulfillment.

Make healthy choices

Eat right and make sure you drink that eight glasses of water every day. It’s true what they say, You are what you eat. Of course, don’t hesitate to indulge in that gorgeous slice of cake when you need it. It’s OK to be fluffy and sweet once in a while. Don’t you think?

Spend time with the right people

We know it’s a me-time and this one includes another person. But, sometimes it’s good to have someone to share your thoughts with.

The only thing is that it should be someone who has a positive impact on you. A coffee date at your place with that mommy friend who can relate to all your problems. Or a call with that 2 a.m. friend to whom you can talk about anything.

It can even be a date with your partner if you have someone to look after the baby while you are away. Knowing you are not alone is a great feeling. Don’t be scared to ask for help when you need it.

Retail therapy

Who doesn’t like shopping?! Don’t take a NO for an answer. If you can’t go in person, try online shopping. Buy something for yourself. It can be anything that’s been on your wishlist for a long time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a pricey one, but definitely has to bring a smile to your face.


Self-care is the best thing you can do for your body. You will see wonders once you start taking time for yourself. We hope you found something that you can include in your daily routine from this article. Take care of yourself.

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