Oh! The Places You’ll Go! – The Beauty Of A Child’s Imagination

Children have the wildest imagination, and the stories they come up with are the best ever! Few days ago, my niece told me the cutest story ever, and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it here. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right into the tale.

Cheeku In Wonderland

Once upon a time, there was a castle! 


There lived a Dinosaur.


And a Koala.


Though he looked cute, Koala wasn’t as sweet as you think he is.

koala attacking dino

When he got hungry, he chased the poor little Dinosaur and ate her up.

koala ate dino

Meanwhile, Mowgli, who was sleeping in the next room, woke up disrupted by all the noises.


There was someone else in the room waiting for Mowgli to wake up.


The moment Mowgli woke up, Sherkhan chased him to bite his bum.

sherkhan attacking mowgli

Luckily, Mowgli’s monkey friends were around to help him. They were three – A monkey, a smaller monkey, and an even smaller monkey. They chased Sherkhan and almost caught his tail.

three monkeys

Sherkhan ran superfast for his life. Just when he thought he escaped from the monkeys, a very hungry caterpillar ate him.

very hungry caterpillar

Oh, wait! The story doesn’t end there!

Inside the caterpillar’s stomach, Sherkhan met Cheeku and her mom. Sherkhan smirked in joy and was about to attack Cheeku’s Amma.

cheeku's amma

That’s when Pulimurugan (A movie character; Murugan traps and kills the tigers) came to the rescue.


He picked Sherkhan by his tail, swirled him in the air and then, threw him far, far away. Thus, saving the day.

Cheeku and her Amma couldn’t control their happiness, and they hugged each other.

Cheeku and amma hugged

The End.

I loved the story to bits. I know, my clumsy paintings haven’t done justice to the beautiful story. But, I had to illustrate and write it it down somewhere safe, before its forgotten.

When my niece began the story with a castle, I thought, “Oh dear! Not a princess story. You can do better than that.”. And she surprised me with a dinosaur and a koala. The visual that I had in my mind was a ferocious dinosaur as large as one of those dragons in a fantasy movie and a cute little koala. She amazed me again with a twist where the koala became the villain and ate the poor little dino. It was a real slap in the face reminding me not to judge too quickly by one’s race, or appearance. And Sherkhan! The ruthless antagonist! That poor thing was chased by monkeys, eaten by a caterpillar, and swirled around by a hunter. I have never felt this bad for a villain ever before! While explaining the part where Pulimurugan saves Amma, she showed us a live demonstration by jumping off the bed in the signature Pulimurugan style, and throwing away her plush tiger by it’s tail.

It’s fascinating how wild a child’s imagination can transpire. Their unrestrained thoughts give them the power to imagine beyond the lines. Every time my niece introduced a new character, I took it by awe. As I listened, I wondered out loud. We all had such stories to tell when we were young. Isn’t it? When did we stop imagining them? What changed us? Why are we so judgmental now? Why do we follow the senseless notions set by the society blindly?

There’s so much one can learn from children. But instead, children watch and learn from us, follow the flawed education system that we have set for them, and eventually grow up to be the same. Funny? Terribly funny!

16 thoughts on “Oh! The Places You’ll Go! – The Beauty Of A Child’s Imagination

  1. Your niece is brilliant I must say 😊. Such a nice story. I too liked the bit of dinosaur being eaten up. I had a huge one in mind too. It’s amazing what all children teach us. Convey my kudos to her ❀️

    You drew them!!! Wow Aswathy!! I was wondering how come all pictures match the story. You are awesome girl .. you should tell this story to Dhruv sometime 😊and show him the pictures as well πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š

    1. Thank you, HS. She just crossed 3, and has more stories than I ever had πŸ˜€ .She sure is a gem πŸ™‚

      Sorry for the really late reply dear. the comment went to the spam for some unknown reason πŸ™

  2. Oh chechi. I loved it. You’re both extremely talented. And such cute illustrations! I wish I could draw like that! I never expected the koala to eat the dinosaur or the caterpillar to gobble up Sherkhan. Yes, I felt sorry for him too. And that part with Pulimurugan 🀣
    Lalettan fan aano mol?

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