Superpowers I Wish I Had! – The Mom Version

Superpowers I wish I had - The Mom Version

Β It was one of those days where my son was being super clingy and refused to leave my side, no matter what. I was unable to do any other work or to take a break, and all this made me feel so crazy.Β To lighten up the situation, my husband passed a silly joke that, ‘Maybe, you should clone yourself, so that one of you can sit with the baby and the other one can do whatever you want!‘. I told, ‘But! Cloning means I have to start from an embryo, which will be like having one more baby. Oh! No! I don’t want that.‘ After some deep introspection, he said, ‘Oh Yeah! That’s true. Then the only way is to have the superpower to self-replicate.

Superpowers for mom life

Even though it was a pretty childish conversation, the superhero enthusiast in me thoroughly enjoyed it to bits and kept pondering. Being a mom, an introvert, and a wannabe perfectionist myself, I loved the idea of having superpowers and the marvelous things I can do with them. I put on my thinking cap and came up with eight incredible superpowers that I would love to have to make my mom life more relaxed. Here they are :


Of course! Let us not forget where we started. How amazing would it be if we could self-replicate? I won’t just stop with one as my partner suggested. I will make two ; one for all household chores and the other for baby chores. So that I can peacefully enjoy some good me-time and when the baby goes back to being all happy and cheerful, I will enjoy the cuddles and kisses too. Oh, wait! I will make one more replica to go out and find a job. I could use some money for shopping when there is so much free time. OK, I think I am going a little overboard here. Let’s just stop at one.



We all have these people in our life, whom we don’t want to meet or talk. But, some of them are very tough to avoid. Don’t you think? Those judgmental relatives you see at a party, the mummies in the playgroup who keep comparing the kids, or the people who see negativity in every damn thing (talking to them gives you a headache). Invisibility would be a helpful superpower to escape in such situations.


Super speed

It has been there in my mind ever since I saw the series ‘Flash’. I mean, you could even travel back or ahead in time if you move that fast. The thought just blew my mind. You can control everything, from a tiny slip of hands to huge disasters. How awesome is that! I have written a whole article about waking up before the baby. You can read it here. But, if you have this superpower, never mind. You can just wake up a minute before the baby to complete all the work. Sounds great?



Remember Matilda? Yes, the ability to move things with the mind. Have you been in situations where you know your baby is about to trip over something, but can’t do anything about it? What if you could use your mind to move that stupid thing? Amazing right?! When the baby is finally sleeping, but you are too tired to do anything. No worries! Just use your mind to stir things around. Make a coffee, clean up the mess, folding clothes, anything – by sitting on a sofa or a recliner(even better) sipping the coffee you just made.


Mind Reading

You know those people who do all the sweet talk in front of you and trash behind your back. Even though I have been very selective about my friends, I have my fair share of having such people in my life. You trust them, and share your secrets with them. You care for them. And finally, they back stab you without you even knowing it. They are happy about your failures. They act as they care, but they don’t. I have wished if I could just read people’s minds when they talk to you so you can know how they see you as a person. Do they really care? Are they my friends just for the benefits? I had wished for this power all the time, not just when I became a mom.


Future Prediction

No! I don’t want to know when I am going to die, or if I am going to be rich in the next ten years. It’s just that there are days in our lives where we think the future doesn’t hold anything for us. Life isn’t getting any better. On such days, wouldn’t it be nice to have a look at the near future to know there is something good waiting for us? Only to ensure that these moments too shall pass.



The most challenging part of living in a foreign land is missing your family and friend. The fear of missing out is so real. You wish you could be there for your mother’s birthday, best friend’s wedding, when your sister/ brother has a baby, your cousin’s graduation, when your grandparent is not keeping well, when your best friend is going through a tough time in her life. The list is endless. You wish you could laugh and have fun with them, to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry, to be there when they really need you.

Oh, how many times I have wished I could teleport from here to there only for a minute, to give them a hug or a kiss, to let them know that I miss them and tell how much I love them. Sometimes I feel that I am depriving my son of having those beautiful moments I had as a child with my family, the pleasant days I spent with my grandparents, and the fun days I played tirelessly with my cousins and friends. If I had the superpower to teleport, I would have taken him every day to spend time with them.



Did I make you sad about the previous one? OK. Let’s lighten up a bit. This one is not necessarily a superpower. But it’s super cool. Have you seen the movie ‘Men In Black’? Remember those scenes where Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones used a secret device to erase people’s memories? That’s a neuralyzer. Oh, mine! I wanted it the moment I saw it. When someone’s being mean, all you have to do is slap them, use the neuralyzer, and ask them to be kind to everyone in the whole world; They will obey! How cool is that?! OK. Maybe no slapping. But, you got the point, right?

Shape shift

This superpower is not something I would like to have. But I would be thrilled if my husband could have it. Let us go back to where it all started. Remember my clingy child? If my husband could shape shift into me, I can probably trick my son to go to him. That way, I can be free and enjoy my cup of coffee peacefully. I would appreciate this even if I don’t have any of the above superpowers. All I want is to drink my coffee in peace!  

So, these are the superpowers I wish I had. I know, without any of these powers, we are all still amazing moms who can multitask and take care of everyone and everything in the family. And, no matter what, in the eyes of your children, you are a superhero. A Supermom!

If you enjoyed reading, comment below the superpowers you wish you had. Let’s have some fun in the comment section. Thank you!

24 thoughts on “Superpowers I Wish I Had! – The Mom Version

  1. I wanna have the super power of mind reading…. Some people won’t be frank enough…. So if I can read their mind, I can avoid those things that hurt them….

  2. I absolutely love this! This post instantly made me smile. Girl, I agree with you on the invisible power. Lord knows I could use that every now and then. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am a MALE who understands exactly how you feel. All except having a coffee free of a child holding onto me. I and my ex-wife had two daughters and I spent lots of time with them. I loved every minute right up until we got a divorce and then my world changed into a dark tunnel of a huge mess of anger. Over the years the anger has been replaced with love and understanding of my how my daughters were brainwashed. Wrong movie sorry.
    I have enjoyed the blogs I have read you really are a supermom. Proud of how you gave your marriage your all.

      1. I enjoyed sharing my story with you and everyone here. You are right we all receive sunshine when we feel rain. Have a wonderful week ahead Aswathy and everyone here.

  4. If I could choose- I will probably take the invisibility super power- I can go to any shopping mall- eat candies 24*7, try expensive designer apparels- skip immigration checks. Endless possibilities!

  5. What an awesome post. Being mom of multiples, I wish to have all these super powers and more actually. Nerulyzer one was just perfect to use when my twins are just ready to bite each other – erase everything and tell them to be kind! ha ha ha.

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