How does the baby feel?!

A baby's perpective about the new world

I wonder if there is a perfect word to express one’s feelings when a baby is born. All that happiness and laughter a newborn brings into our lives! They truly are a little bit of heaven sent down to earth. However, have you noticed how boring babies are for the first few months of their life?

Of course, they are extremely adorable, and even the simple things they do like how they yawn, or sneeze make you want to just squeeze and eat them up. I get it. But, don’t you think they seem pretty unimpressed by everything that’s going on around. If it’s a grown-up behaving the same way as a newborn, won’t you find him/her extremely boring? Not smiling, or responding to anything!

Funny if you put it that way, huh?

This got me thinking. How do babies feel about the whole situation?

For starters, you know how babies cry the very moment they are out of mother’s womb. I don’t believe in rebirth or anything. But, the way my son behaved the first few months made me ponder it though. His first cry almost sounded like “NOT AGAIN!!!”; as if he was still not over his past life, or maybe he was not ready to try another one.

The first month seemed the hardest. He slept throughout, not eating or being very social. The only thing that happened was a lot of drinking. Every once in a while! Of course, it’s milk. I know! But don’t you think it’s a bit too much to drink that way, not knowing day from night?! The second month was slightly better. He started smiling. Yayyy!! He may have thought , “Ah, these guys don’t seem so bad after all. They are friendly and kind to me. Maybe I should be a little nicer to them too”. But the drinking situation continued.


The third and fourth months were far amusing. He tried motivating and uplifting himself, literally. Slowly started eating good food and being nicer to people. Months went on, and by the time he crossed one, I guess he understood that the new life isn’t so bad after all, and it does have so much to offer. He started running and exploring around happily. Still needs a peg or two to start the day off though. Well, I am not complaining as long as he is sleeping through the night.

Jokes apart, Isn’t it just wonderful how babies do nothing deliberately, and still make our heart go full all the time. Motherhood is indeed messy, challenging, and exhausting. But at the same time, it is beautiful, endearing, and phenomenal. It’s a wonderful adventure, and I wouldn’t want it any different, not a single thing. It’s perfect the way it is.

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  1. To tell you the truth, i seriously don’t want to even think of the first 3 months with my baby.. i enjoyed pregnancy but was not prepared for the sleepless nights,endless cries and a hungry baby.. i really love when she turned 6 months and we got more attached.

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