Guest Post : It’s the little things that matter

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Parents are beautiful gifts from God. They are always with us like a shadow and do not let us feel any trouble. Their devotion is beyond comparison. Both mother and father play an important role in our lives. Not everyone is fortunate to have their support in life.

I still remember that incident where my father first taught me to cover my school books. It was only a week since school started that my Master asked me to cover my books. He used to say, “Books are the reflection of Goddess Saraswati who provides us with true knowledge. We should respect it and cover it.”

As soon as I came home from school, I ate a quick meal and started covering the book. I did not know how to cover. But still, I decided to give it a try. After trying for some time, I got tired and sat down disappointed. My dad was watching all this from another side of the room. He knew that I would not be able to cover the book, yet he was very happy to see me trying. He came to me and said, “Son! This is not the right way to cover. Wait, I will teach you.”

Dad picked up my book and slowly started covering it. He was explaining each step as he covered the book. Watching him, I was also slowly covering another book.

“First look at the size of the book, and cut a little more cover than that. After cutting the cover, place the book on it, and cut a small piece of cover from the middle portion of the book. Then, fold the cover from the sides. Close your book after folding. Now, carefully tape or staple all four corners of the book. Look, the book is beautifully covered, and now you can stick your name on the top. That’s all.”

Dad taught me in such an easy way that I learned it in the first try. His calm and patient teaching made it very simple for me to understand. After this, I covered five more copies all by myself.

Now, whenever I cover a book or see a covered book, I always remember that incident; the patience my Dad had, and how he encouraged me. I am forever grateful to have a father like him to teach me and show me the right path.

Some incidents may appear very silly at that moment. But, as we move forward in life, they all become great lessons and good memories to cherish forever.

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5 thoughts on “Guest Post : It’s the little things that matter

  1. I ABSOLUTELY Loved this post!!
    This post really says something’s that’s true! The little things matter!!
    I remember, during my summer vacation I would stay at my grandmother’s house and I would sit beside her, while she would bind the books one by one. She never gave me one.
    Years after when I tried, it turned perfect like it was done by her.
    Thanks for sharing this post!!

  2. I love to cover books and sticking colorful labels…. It was fun during childhood…. I learned it from my brothers….

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