Let it go see the world!

The title is in response to Shweta’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt : Balloon

You must be wondering how the title connects to a balloon. There is a small story behind it.

There was this little girl who lived next to my friend’s apartment. One day, her mom bought her a balloon, one of those fancy helium balloons. It was a beautiful summer day. Our girl was playing outside with her balloon, pulling its string and watching it bounce. Suddenly, the string slipped through her tiny fingers, and the balloon flew up, up, and up into the sky.

Looking at the balloon fly away, her eyes filled with tears. Her mom knew that this wasn’t going to end well. Suddenly, she came up with an idea to make her daughter feel better and told the little girl that her balloon has gone on a trip.

A trip?!

Yes! It will go see all the beautiful places around the world and will be much happier.

Little girl wasn’t very convinced. She asked again.

So, I will never see my balloon again?!

You won’t. But ,don’t worry. The balloon will be sending you a letter from all those beautiful places.

Mom told her with the hope that she would stop fussing and forget about it soon.

However, my friend was around when this happened. The next day, she dropped a letter at the girl’s apartment, a letter from her lost balloon. The letter made the little one beyond happy, and she was glad to know that her balloon was safe.

I don’t know what happened after that. Now, every time I see a kid with a balloon, I remember that little girl and her globetrotting balloon. I wonder if she still gets those letters, or has she caught her mother’s lie already?

Must have! She’s a smart one.

Any balloon stories, or funny lies your parents told you as a kid?

8 thoughts on “Let it go see the world!

  1. Ha ha that’s sweet of your friend to drop a letter. Imagine when the girl realises that the friend wrote a letter, wouldn’t her heart swell up ❤️😊
    I’m sooooo happy to read a post from you after so long … it’s a goood – morning here already

    1. 😄She may either appreciate the small gesture to make her feel better, or be furious to know it was all a lie😂 I never got to know what happened. This happened when we were in the US, HS. The friend moved out when we were there and lost touch with her.

      That’s so sweet of you, HS😊❤️

  2. Onnum parayanda!!
    Balloons were my fav! Until a few years back!
    (I still love em, but not as much as I did!)
    So one day my brother played a prank on me.. he told me to take up the air in one of the helium balloons.. and then my voice changed! I was damn scared!!!!
    I ran up and down the stairs.. was freaking out like anything!😂😂🤣
    After a few minutes I regained my normal voice!

    But the other voice was cool!🤣

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