How To Use Clay For Easy Jar Craft

Jar craft using air dry clay

It’s only recently that I came across the versatile air dry clay, and have been trying out a lot of crafts using it. I had a lot of glass jars that I saved up after finished jams or sauces, and decided to use the clay to upcycle the jars as well. Surprisingly, the jar craft turned out pretty cute, yet so easy to make. I had posted the photos on Instagram and a few had asked for the details on the process. Hence, posting it here πŸ™‚

So, lets not waste time and start crafting!

Materials Required For Jar Craft

Glass bottle or Jar – I upcycled a jam bottle here. Alternatively, you can use a mason jar, or even glass bottles.

Air dry clay – I have used DAS air dry clay here. It is so convenient to use as it molds well and dries easily without the requirement of any extra equipment. Oven dry clay and polymer clay are other options to use.

Cookie cutters – I have used the star and heart shaped cookie cutters from Wilton set. This one has 101 pieces and all the possible shapes. Basically, I am sorted for life. Feel free to use any shape that appeals to you.

Super glue – Ordinary hobby glue may not work well here. Use multi-surface super glue.

Acrylic craft paint – Please note that it should be craft acrylic paint as we are painting the bottle too. Some water-based paints doesn’t apply well on glass surfaces. There are multi-surface paints available which can be applied on most surfaces including glass, rock, wood, etc.

Additional embellishmentsyarn, glitters, googly eyes, etc.

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Steps To Clean The Jar

If you are up-cycling a jar, it is important to remove the label on them completely. In order to do that,follow the below steps:

  • Immerse the bottle in a vessel filled with warm water for some time. This will help in softening the label and the glue to dissolve.
  • Take it out of the vessel and carefully pull the label out.
  • The glue may still remain on the bottle. To remove that, rub in some drops of oil on to the bottle and move in circle. You can see the gum slowly dissolving making it easy to wipe off.
  • Now, wipe clean all the oil and gum using a paper towel or a cloth piece. Finally, give it a final wash under cold water and allow to dry.

Process For Jar Craft

Step 1
Firstly, pour some paint inside the jar and swirl it around until the whole bottle gets covered in paint. Allow it to dry. Alternatively, you can also use a brush to paint. Although, this is a much easier and mess free technique.

Step 2
Take a small portion of the clay and carefully roll out to a thin sheet of around half a centimetre thickness. Now, choose your favorite shaped cookie cutter and press on to the sheet. Carefully remove the extra portions and take out the shape.

Step 3
Apply some super glue or glass glue on the jar and fix the cut out shape on the jar. Slightly press the sides of the clay shape to smooth the corners and sides.

Step 4
Add additional details to make it look better. Here, I have applied some clay around the neck of the jar and imprinted knife dents around it to give a frill effect. Also, added a bow on the heart to make it prettier (if I may say so myself πŸ™‚ ). Now, allow it to dry.

Steps to make jar craft

Step 5
Finally, once dried completely, paint the clay portion with your favorite colors. Finish it by a yarn tied around the neck portion.

Final product - Jar craft

Additional ideas using jar craft

Smiley face

I have also tried a similar jar craft using a star shaped cookie cutter and added two googly eyes and drew in a smile and eyelashesusing a permanent marker. Below is the picture. You can use a simple round shape to create any smiley face easily.

Smiley star face bottle/ jar craft using clay

Goodie jar

Fill up the jar using some small and cute goodies to gift someone you love. I am sure they will happy to get the jar as well the gifts inside.

Wish Jar

Write down your wishes on tiny pieces of papers when ever you come across one. Roll them and put inside the jar. It would be fun to read them later once the jar is full. In that case, I would recommend not to paint insides of the jar and use multicolored paper to write down the wishes. You can probably choose a semicircle shape and paint a rainbow, or a butterfly shape and write ‘Wishes’ at the center. It will look great sitting on your shelf, or counter.

wishes - pic courtesy - pinterst

Candle holder

As we are using a glass bottle here, we can upgrade this jar craft as a candle holder too. The portions with clay will account for beautiful silhouettes. You can keep the jar painted or not. But, if you choose to paint, make sure to use lighter or white color so that light can pass through and the silhouette looks better.

Silhouette candle holder jar craft

I hope you liked this easy-peasy jar craft. Don’t forget to share the photos with me if you try it. Do you know any other simple craft ideas using air dry clay? If yes, please mention them in the comment section below. I would be happy to try it.

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Happy Crafting! Enjoy!

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