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Best Interactive Board Books For Babies And Toddlers

If your son or daughter is now in that phase where it’s pretty difficult to grab his or her attention. They have become busy bees exploring things running and climbing everywhere. Their vocabulary has grown and they know a handful of words! But, unsure of when and where to use them. They want to try a lot of things, all at once! Let alone, getting them to sit at a place, and read a book. That’s where interactive board books should become your savior.

Why Interactive Books Are Best for Children?

Interactive board books are great to grab the attention of little ones and develop their love for reading. There are a lot of benefits of interactive books and we listed only a few interesting ones to show you the importance of them for kids:

  • Encourages active participation
  • Develops an interest in reading
  • Increases their vocabulary
  • Enhances their imagination
  • Gives a sense of real-time experience
  • Experience multi-sensory interaction
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Provides great bonding time

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Interactive Board Books for your child

Lift the flap Books

Babies and toddlers love rhymes, repetition, and elements of surprise. For instance, you must have seen how much they giggle every single time you play the ‘Peek-a-boo’ game with them.

Haven’t you? Lift-the-flap books use this simple concept to grab the attention of kids. Every page will have a flap and a surprise element hiding below it.

Where’s spot“, “Dear Zoo“, “Peek-a-boo Zoo“, and Where’s baby’s belly buttonare some of our favorites in this category of books. However, the flaps in most of these books are made out of card stock paper and pretty fragile to be handled by little hands.

So, you have to be careful. There are a few books that come with felt flaps that can hold up some action and can be easily handled by toddlers as well as babies. There is a “Where’s the” series by Nosy Crow & Ingela P Arrhenius which are great felt flap books.

Pop-up Books

Pop-up books are the ones where a picture pops up when you turn the page. For example, a frog opens its mouth to catch a fly! A dolphin jumps out water! The page pops up into a vibrant landscape! Sounds fun, right? Kids enjoy the surprise factor and the vibrant illustration in these books a lot.

The wide-mouthed frog” and the pop-up peek-a-boo series are books that come under this category. The “Pop up peekaboo, Under the sea” book, is pretty great. Also, there is another book “The color monster” which has a beautiful story too. But, We would recommend it for children age 3+, or when they start understanding and being more vocal about expressing feelings.

Slide and Seek Books

Slide and seek board books are very similar to lift the flap books. But, as the name suggests, instead of lifting a flap, it comes with an option to slide a card out of the book to reveal something interesting.

Apparently, this also uses the surprise factor to grab the attention of kids and make the book interesting. We are not great fans of these books as the sliding is not that smooth in most of the books available, and they can get ripped off easily too. One book that has good reviews in this category is “Hoppity frog“.

Touch And Feel Books

Touch and feel books are one of the first and best books you can introduce to a baby. It will have small patches of different textures embedded on the pages. These are great to grab the attention of the kids as they would love to touch and sense the various textures. Touch and feel books help them to understand their surroundings better and improve coordination.

The US borne “That’s not my” series are great touch-and-feel books. They come in perfect size with fun illustrations. If you are a dog person and your child gets along with them too, then we would love to suggest to you the “That’s not my puppy” book.

There are other ones that are also great. So, choose the one which suits your kid’s interest. The “Baby touch and feel” books are also great. We bought it when my son was around 10 months old and he loved it.

Interactive Board Books With Holes

The very hungry caterpillar book is a favorite of every kid! Firstly, because of Eric Carle’s beautiful illustrations. And then, the presence of those tiny holes on each page. It’s so much fun to see the caterpillar leaving one hole to appear through another one on the next page.

Certainly, kids have a curiosity to explore tiny spaces using their little fingers. Thank God for those outlet covers, or whoever invented those! Board books with holes use this concept to catch the attention of kids.

Peek-a-who” is a simple, yet beautiful book that comes in this category. The illustrations are very vibrant, but not too crowded which makes it a good book for babies. “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly” is yet another great choice. But, we would recommend it for kids age 2+.

Sound or Musical Books

Musical board books produce interactive sound effects or music when you press the buttons provided on the sides of the book. For instance, if the book is about farm animals, it will have buttons for each animal and produces respective noises. These are multi-sensory and highly interactive books, which also help to improve their motor skills.

World of Eric Carle, Around the farm” book would be a great choice when it comes to sound books. Eric Carle’s illustrations and farm animals! Both are absolute favorites among toddlers.

Interactive Board Books With Fun Instructions

These are my favorite kind of interactive books where each page contains instructions to do or find something. We know what you are thinking. Toddlers are usually not very interested in following instructions. But, these books have lots of fun and interesting elements embedded throughout each page. Also, these books are great if you want to include some indoor active sessions in your little one’s routine.

Without a doubt, “Press here” would be the first suggestion by anyone who has read it. Such simple, yet brilliant illustrations!

Tap the magic tree” is another great book that comes in this category. Eric Carle’s “From head to toeis also a good choice in which kids can actively enjoy imitating the animals and have fun.

Note: There are so many other interactive books that don’t belong to these above categories, but are still interactive, like If Animals Kissed Good Night.


In short, interactive board books make reading an equally fun experience for both you and your child. It’s so much joy to see your child’s little face filling up with a lot of emotions when you turn the pages of a book. In addition to that, these are also the kind of books that don’t get you bored even if read a thousand times.

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