If Animals Kissed Goodnight – Children’s Book Review

If animals kissed goodnight

Everything you need to know about the best seller children’s book ‘ If Animals Kissed Good Night’

If Animals Kissed Good Night‘ by Ann Witford Paul is the sweetest book you can buy for your early reader/ toddler. It has wonderful illustrations and fun rhymes which makes it a perfect bedtime routine book.


A mother and her child imagines how animals kiss their offspring goodnight as humans do (from a slow kiss between a sloth and her cub to a mud-happy kiss from a hippo calf to her father -as described in the book). The author Ann Whitford Paul has beautifully described each one of them, in an engaging way to increase parent-child interaction. It also helps the kids to know various animals’ habits and behavior. Ann Whitford has few other books in this series. ‘If Animals Said I Love You‘ is another favorite of ours from them. 

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I would say it’s the best part of this book. Kids will love them; especially, if they are into animals. They are hand-painted illustrations by artist David Walker. Oh, mine! His paintings are so adorable! I might probably end up buying every children’s book he has illustrated. If you are a fan like me, I would suggest ‘You Mean The World To Me ‘, ‘Flip, Flap, Fly‘ and ‘Time for a Hug‘.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this book to understand if this book is a good fit for you and your child.


  • Recommended for any age from 0 years and up – I bought the book as one of the first books for my son. He is 20-months-old now and still absolutely adores it. Your child may not understand what you are reading to them. But, I am sure they will enjoy the vivid illustrations and the cuddles that come along.
  • Increases child’s vocabulary and aids in speech development – My son can understand most of these animals in other books, and he even mimics some of them like how a wolf howls and a bear growls.
  • Provides a good bonding time – My son brings his cheeks closer every time I mention a kiss and gives a hug when an animal and offspring does. This is one of the reasons why I personally love reading it to him.
  • Gender-neutral – Rhymes doesn’t adhere to a specific gender. It has ryhmes with moms, dads, daughters, and sons.
  • Enjoyable for parents as well – There are many books like the ‘first 100 words’ which my son loves, but frankly I don’t personally enjoy them. This one’s not like that. I thoroughly enjoy it myself every time we read it.


  • The binding of the book is a bit flimsy for a board book – The book separated into several pieces within a few months we bought. I did manage to stick them together with some strong glue and tape.
  • Some parents find the book weird – Especially, the slooowwwww kissing sloth part . I have a habit of reading the lower ratings of a product while shopping online. This has always helped me to see if the products meet our requirements. I found this review there. Two have mentioned the kissing to be weird. Well, I don’t personally agree with this one. How else do you expect a sloth to kiss?! How can a kiss between a parent and child ever be weird?! So, this one is for you to decide if it’s really a con.


Our family absolutely loves the book ‘If Animals Kissed Goodnight‘ and think it’s a keeper. If you buy this, I ensure that you are in for some lovely cuddle sessions with your little one. Well, who wants to miss that?! Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. This looks like a book my little kids would love. BTW, I literally laughed out loud when I read, “How else do you expect a sloth to kiss?!” My kids would giggle on that part of the book.

  2. “how else do you expect a sloth to kiss?’ LOL! I agree with you. People overthink too many things. This book looks absolutely adorable! I’m always looking for new books to read to my toddler. Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Either this is not a book well known in the US, or it’s come out since my kids were babies – it is new to me. But it sounds like a sweet story; thanks for the review on it!

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