If Animals Kissed Good Night By Ann Whitford Paul - Book Review

If Animals Kissed Good Night – Book Review

If Animals Kissed Good Night” by Ann Whitford Paul is the sweetest book you can buy for your early reader toddler. It has wonderful illustrations and fun rhymes which makes it the perfect bedtime routine book for kids. It’s recommended for the kid’s age group between 3 and 6.

Summary of “If Animals Kissed Good Night”

A mother and her child imagine how animals kiss their offspring goodnight as humans do. From a slow kiss between a sloth and her cub to a mud-happy kiss, from a hippo calf to her father -as described in the book).

The author Ann Whitford Paul has beautifully described each one of them, in an engaging way to increase parent-child interaction. It also helps the kids to know various animals’ habits and behavior. Ann Whitford has a few other books in this series. “If Animals Said I Love You” is another favorite of ours from them. 


We would say it’s the best part of this book. Kids will love them, especially, if they are into animals. We have reviewed another book for kids who love animals called “Giraffes Can’t Dance”.

They are hand-painted illustrations by artist David Walker. His paintings are so adorable!

You might probably end up buying every children’s book he has illustrated. If you are a fan like us, We would suggest “You Mean The World To Me“, “Flip, Flap, Fly” and “Time for a Hug“.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this book to understand if this book is a good fit for you and your child.

If Animals Kissed Good Night - Illustrations
If Animals Kissed Good Night – Illustrations


  • Recommended for any age from 0 years and up – We bought the book as one of the first books for our son. He is 20 months old now and still absolutely adores it. Your child may not understand what you are reading to them. But, we are sure they will enjoy the vivid illustrations and the cuddles that come along.
  • Increases child’s vocabulary and aids in speech development – Our son can understand most of these animals in other books, and he even mimics some of them like how a wolf howls and a bear growls.
  • Provides a good bonding time – Our son brings his cheeks closer every time we mention a kiss and gives a hug when an animal and offspring do. This is one of the reasons why we love reading it to him.
  • Gender-neutral – Rhymes don’t adhere to a specific gender. It rhymes with moms, dads, daughters, and sons.
  • Enjoyable for parents as well – There are many books like the ‘first 100 words’ which my son loves, but frankly we don’t enjoy them. This one’s not like that. You will thoroughly enjoy it every time you read it.


If Animals Kissed Good Night - Cons
If Animals Kissed Good Night – Cons
  • The binding of the book is a bit flimsy for a board book – The book was separated into several pieces within a few months we bought. We did manage to stick them together with some strong glue and tape.
  • Some parents find the book weird – Especially, the slow kissing sloth part. We have a habit of reading the lower ratings of a product while shopping online. This has always helped us to see if the products meet our requirements. We found this review there. Two have mentioned the kissing to be weird. Well, We don’t agree with this one. How else do you expect a sloth to kiss?! How can a kiss between a parent and child ever be weird?! So, this one is for you to decide if it’s really a con.


Our family loves the book ‘If Animals Kissed Goodnight‘ and thinks it’s a keeper. If you buy this, we ensure that you are in for some lovely cuddle sessions with your little one. Well, who wants to miss that?! Enjoy!

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