How To Make A Spring Inspired Egg Carton Flower Wreath

spring egg carton flower wreath

Wreaths are a sign of welcome where the circle represents eternity, for it has no beginning, or end. Some says, it also represents the never ending circle of life. I have always been fascinated by the varieties of wreaths, based on different seasons and occasions.

I am also a fan of recycled (upcycled) crafts which is the reason why I hoard a lot of things, from empty cardboard boxes to plastic/glass containers. Here is an easy recycled craft that I came up with uniting my love for both – A beautiful Spring wreath. This is so easy that you can make it with minimal art supplies and some household objects. This egg carton flower wreath would make a great activity for kids too which also helps to teach them about reusing and recycling things. So! Let’s not waste anymore time, and start crafting.

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Materials Required

1. Cardboard box

A pizza box would be a great choice to cut out the circle. If you don’t have one, you can use any cardboard box.

2. Yarn

Use the color or design of your choice. You can even mix and match different colors of yarn.

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3. Egg cartons

One or two egg cartons depending upon the number of flowers you need and the size of your circle frame.

4. Craft knife and Scissors

Craft knifes are not safe for younger kids. Please be careful while using it around kids. You can get kid’s friendly scissors if you are planning to make it with toddlers.

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5. Acrylic paints and Paint brush

The egg carton absorbs the paint. So, make sure you are using bright acrylic paints. For kids, you can use non-toxic, and possibly washable paint, to avoid the mess. You can use regular brushes or sponge brushes to paint.

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Washable kid friendly paint

6. Glue

Glue gun or any strong hobby glue which can stick the flowers to the frame.

7. Additional decorations

I have used glitter here. You can also use beads, buttons, pompoms, gemstones or even foam stickers.


Step 1
Outline the circle frame of the size of your choice on a cardboard. Cut out the circle using a craft knife. If the cardboard is not big enough for the circle, cut two semicircles and join them with a tape, or glue gun. In case the board is not sturdy enough, cut two circle of the same size and stick them together to make the frame thick and strong.

Step 2
Apply glue and start wrapping the yarn over the frame. This can be a time taking process, but totally worth it as it makes the wreath look more beautiful and classy. You can also use jute yarn to give it a rusty look. If you want to keep it simple, give the frame a nice coat of your favorite color.

Flower wreath DIY - Cut the cardboard circle and wrap it with yarn

Step 3
The frame is ready! Let us make the egg carton flowers now. Each holder of the carton becomes a flower. Cut the carton into individual holders and draw out your favorite petal shape on it. Again, cut the flowers using scissors, and keep the scrapes aside.

DUY Flower Wreath - Cut the egg carton
DIY Flower Wreath -  Shape the flowers

Step 4
The fun part! Coloring the egg carton flowers. Time to get creative. You can use different colors and paint the flowers. Add additional detailing using glitter, beads, buttons, pompoms or anything you think would make the flower more interesting and beautiful.

Step 5
Cut the scrapes from making the flowers to make leaves of different sizes.
Paint them with different shades of green. You can even add a tint of yellow and blue here and there.

DIY Flower Wreath - Color flower and leaves

Step 6
The final step! Carefully arrange the flowers and leaves on the yarn covered frame. I would suggest arranging them without the glue first, to try different patterns. Once you have found a place for each, stick them together with the glue gun.

Spring egg carton flower wreath

The beautiful Spring inspired egg carton flower wreath is ready!

I had so much fun making this simple yet elegant Spring wreath. Do try this and let me know how it turns out for you in the comment section. If you are looking for more fun painting activities for your toddler, check out this fun no mess finger painting post.

Happy Crafting! Thank you!

25 thoughts on “How To Make A Spring Inspired Egg Carton Flower Wreath

  1. I totally loved it!!!!
    I remember the art classes of my school.. I made many like this. Though not one with egg cartons.
    I made boats with ice cream sticks.. do try that one.. it’s amazing!!
    I absolutely loved this one!!!
    So fun..
    Seems like Dhruv is getting rid of his boredom!

    1. Thank you Ammu πŸ™‚ Boats with icecream sticks! sounds like a good one. I will definitely try it.
      Dhruv was more of a spectator while doing this πŸ˜€ But he loved watching me.

      1. Yeah I can guess why you didn’t want him to do that craft..
        I really loved the idea of the kids’ scissors! It’s fantastic.
        The boat craft is pretty easy and will aid you to keep some random things of your home, like keys and stuff!!
        Virtual kisses and hugs to you and Dhruv:)!!🀩😘

  2. I really loved this. I am not a craft person and all I can remember now is making paper boats during the rainy season. You really inspired me to let my hands into thisπŸ˜€

      1. I want to do such interesting stuff…. But lazy…. I get so much excited when I see people doing craft and art works….

              1. Wounds and burns are my friends…. Whenever I cooks in a rush, It happens…. Most of the time I will be rushing…. Ha ha….!!!

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