Does it matter?

If someone‘s been quiet and comes back to you later, and if it doesn’t feel the same anymore, did it matter at all in the first place? People change. I know that! But if they really mattered, won’t you be glad to see them again? Won’t you have stories to tell them? Won’t you lash out at them for leaving that way? Won’t you wish they stayed this time?

Every time you came back, you have no idea how glad I was. I saved stories to tell you. I wasn’t angry cos I knew you had your own reasons to be quiet. But I did wish you never left this time.

Philosophy aside, people pretend well and they do leave. Most are there only when they want something from you or for mere fun. Meaningful friendships where you have each other’s back hardly exist anymore.

So this new year, stop holding on to people who keep letting you go. Remember, some are never good for you no matter how much you care about them.

Happy New Year!

29 thoughts on “Does it matter?

  1. Good thought Achu. I wish some quiet people in my life really come back someday. They left for no reason. They don’t respond back and stay mute. I wonder what they might be going through and really wish they would come back someday. Like you said, I too have some stories to share.

    Happy New Year to you all! Cheers!!!

  2. This post made me 😢. So true it is.
    We spend days sometimes mourning on their sudden departure. You know my story and I know you can relate..

    Great post chechi😘
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. This is so good Achuuuuu and I so much agree with this.
    Good friendship always find their way back to eachother no matter what. Out of two one may be quite stubborn but other one, knows how to get it back. We all have one such friendship or people in life.

    I so much missed reading you. I missed being here.
    Today I’m reading all the posts that I’ve missed out.

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