DIY Baby Keepsake - Footprint Butterfly Full Guide

How To DIY Baby Keepsake – Footprint Butterfly

Babies do grow up so fast. Blink, and you will miss it. It seems like yesterday that this tiny human came into our lives. And now, he is almost two, and it’s amazing to see how much he has grown! When he was born, the hospital presented us with a certificate that has his teeny tiny thumb and foot imprints as a baby keepsake. Now that his second birthday is almost here, We wanted to make something similar to look back and cherish later. That’s how we ended up making this footprint butterfly.

It’s an easy DIY that would also pass as a great craft idea for older kids. They would enjoy the process of imprinting their footprints and painting the butterfly. So, Let’s not waste time and start crafting!

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Materials Required to DIY Baby Keepsake

  • A baby. (Well, if you don’t find one, use your own foot and make a bigger butterfly. You can probably post it on social media with one of those cheesy ‘Never forget to fly’ quotes)
  • Air-dry clay (We used DAS, and highly recommend it)
  • Craft paint
  • Additional decorations (optional)


Step 1

Knead and roll the air-dry clay to the desired thickness. Now, carefully press the foot one by one onto the rolled clay until you get a well-defined print. Please note that we have oppositely taken the impressions (left foot on the right and vice versa) to obtain a wing-like pattern. It was one hell of a task to get the footprint of a wiggly toddler. However, this would have been an easier task when he was a newborn.

Step 2

Cut the butterfly shape out of the clay sheet, and save the remaining play dough for future use. Now, you can mount the butterfly’s wings on something cylindrical to get the curves on the wings. Then, allow it to dry completely.

Step 3

Time to get creative! Paint the butterfly with your favorite colors and decorate it with any extra knick-knacks you would like to add. You can paint it like a monarch, or keep it minimal with a coat of white color and some gold along the edges. We coated the butterfly with white and before it dried down, mixed in streaks of rainbow colors. Finished it off by adding some glitter at the center, to define the body of the butterfly, and some along the edges of the wings too.

DIY Baby Keepsake - Footprint Butterfly Result
DIY Baby Keepsake – Footprint Butterfly Result

Tada! Your baby keepsake footprint butterfly is ready. Don’t forget to share the pictures with everyone, if you ever try this. In case you are interested in more simple craft ideas, check out the egg carton flower wreath post. Thank you!

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