Broken Things – Collaboration

She had a thing for everything broken,Believed broken things had better stories to tell and treasured them all.Bits and pieces of broken bangles,Cute little charms from a broken bracelet,Her grandpa's broken vintage radio,Her father’s broken watch,And as she grew up,Broken hearts!Time has passed andBroken hearts left when they weren’t so broken anymore.There are ghosts everywhere. … Continue reading Broken Things – Collaboration

Guest Post : How To Encourage Socialization In Toddlers

From birth, most of us follow our babies’ physical development milestones. We look forward to them and we are very happy when our child crosses these milestones. But do we pay as much attention to social development as well? Even the fundamentals of socialization are laid quite early in life!   For instance, a mother and … Continue reading Guest Post : How To Encourage Socialization In Toddlers