Broken Things – Collaboration

Broken things

She had a thing for everything broken,
Believed broken things had better stories to tell and treasured them all.
Bits and pieces of broken bangles,
Cute little charms from a broken bracelet,
Her grandpa’s broken vintage radio,
Her father’s broken watch,
And as she grew up,
Broken hearts!
Time has passed and
Broken hearts left when they weren’t so broken anymore.

There are ghosts everywhere.
Ghosts are memories that haunt, graves are forgotten souls; voices that are lost cry alone.
Keep walking as far as the road goes and remember,
What comes around isn’t always what goes.

In collaboration with Bharath

29 thoughts on “Broken Things – Collaboration

          1. 😂😂😂i knowwwwwww !!! look at the turn the post takes in the second para!! Ghosts !!😜.
            I loved this post though .. knowing both of you now, this has come out really well .. 😊

  1. May be ghosts are broken within😉 as most of the people have lost belief in the concept!! 🙃
    Could have been titled ‘Broken Ghosts’😀
    And that which is common in both writings is “memories”
    Amazing collab.😍😍
    Thank you Ashwathi chechi for introducing me to this amazing blogger Bharath.

              1. Yep. Still online classes.
                I’m studying clinical psychology.
                Winter has begun here too…and I’m lazin’ around 😂
                Same pinchhhh Aswathy.
                But my internal exams are here🥺

                  1. Yep!
                    Clinical psychology deals with experimental aspects and applications of Psychology.
                    We do learn to read people through their behaviour and talks. It’s quite more than that.

  2. I have lots of broken stuff – transistor, radio, toys and even bangles – you’ve specified except for a broken heart. This is awesome. ❣

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