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5 Best Preschool Books To Teach Body Parts

Before getting into our list of the best preschool books to teach body parts, let me tell you about a small incident that happened a few weeks ago. My son loves the ‘ABC’ song. I started singing it to him when he was just a baby, even as a lullaby. It’s not because I wanted to teach him, but that was one of the few songs I learned from my cousin’s toddlers a while ago.

Being a new mom, I was only beginning to learn lullabies and baby rhymes. Frankly, I was making use of anything that came helpful.

Children learn things fast. So now, my son has started saying a few words and can babble some rhymes. And guess what, he can sing “H I J K” now. Don’t ask me why he found those four more interesting than all the other 22 alphabets. However, I was super proud of him. That day, while video chatting with my mom, I told her with beaming pride that her grandson can sing “H I J K” now. But, to my surprise, her reaction was, “Why are you teaching him ABCs?! He isn’t even two!.”

I was disappointed and kept quiet. My mother continued, “Teach him simple words that will be helpful. About body parts and other things, you use daily, so he can communicate and express feelings easily”.

My feelings were hurt, but I agreed that she has a point. We know that the best way to teach your son is through rhymes and books. I and my husband did some research online and bought a few books, which could be helpful. We began reading those books, and he got familiar with body parts.

A few days later, while playing in our living room, he slipped over a toy and fell on his face. Nothing bad happened. But, he came to me and pointed near his eyes and said the word “eyes”. He was trying to convey that it hurts around that area. I was so surprised, and at that moment, I couldn’t agree more with what my mother said, “Teach him the words he can use to communicate and express his feelings”.

Why is it important for Toddlers to learn body parts?

There are three main reasons to teach your toddlers about human anatomy and body parts:

  • It increases their vocabulary.
  • It helps them to express their emotions in a better way.
  • It can help kids to let us know if someone tries to hurt or abuse them.

Our Favorite Anatomy Books for Kids

Let’s get to the list of books that can help toddlers understand their body parts and human anatomy in a friendly way. We already have some of these books, and others are equally great books on our wish lists.

Ten Tiny Toes – Caroline Jayne Church

Ten Tiny Toes Book – Caroline Jayne Church
Ten Tiny Toes Book – Caroline Jayne Church

Ten Tiny Toes is a very entertaining book with simple but fun illustrations of a boy and his teddy. You may be familiar with the author Caroline through her book, “I love you through and through”

We find out that this book has a great way to interact with your toddlers through wiggling their ears, playing peekaboo, tickling their bellies, and way more as we read it.

Get it now from amazon.

All Of Baby, Nose To Toes – Victoria Adler

All of Baby, Nose to Toes – Victoria Adler
All of Baby, Nose to Toes – Victoria Adler

It’s such a cute book with fun rhymes and adorable illustrations. The illustrations are relatable as well. Also, a great book to read and have fun with as a family. At the end of each page about a body part, for say baby’s eyes, there is a question “who loves a baby’s eye?” followed by a family member saying “Me! I do.” on the following page. Sounds fun?

Get it now from amazon.

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? – Karen Katz

Where is Baby's Belly button - Chunky Book by Karen Katz
Where is Baby’s Belly button – Chunky Book by Karen Katz

It’s one of the best interactive board books out there. It comes in form of a lift-the-flap book with cute illustrations. It also introduces the concept of behind and under to the kid. The flaps are pretty big and easily liftable by our 20-month-old. However, the flaps are thin card stock paper. WE would recommend you to do the reading and lifting, as small children can pull out the pages and crumble the book.

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From Head To Toe Board Book – Eric Carle

From Head to Toe Board Book – Eric Carle
From Head to Toe Board Book – Eric Carle

Eric Carle’s books need no introduction. This one has illustrations of a kid trying to copy what an animal does on each page. It encourages kids to listen and interact. It’s a fun book to teach body parts.

We don’t personally own this. But, the book has excellent reviews and is definitely on our wish list. We love Eric Carle’s fun illustrations, but we were unsure if our son would like them when we first came to see them. But to our surprise, he adores the book “The very hungry caterpillar”. There is some kind of magic in his simple yet beautiful art.

Get it now from amazon.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes – Annie Kubler

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes – By Annie Kubler
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes – By Annie Kubler

We are sure you are familiar with this song. We already know the song and how to sing it, standing in front of the mirror and pointing toward each body part. It’s fun. As we are familiar with it, we didn’t buy this one. However, If you would love to have a readable version of the song, this is the book.

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If you have reached this part, we hope you found the right book for your kid. Thank you for visiting our blog. If you are interested in reviews on other children’s books, You can also view our review on the classic children’s book If Animals Kissed Good Night.

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